Inspire. Educate. Protect.


We inspire people to protect and enhance Grand Canyon National Park for present and future generations. 


We support Grand Canyon National Park in its goal to provide enriching and fulfilling visitor experiences and protecting the park for future generations. We will achieve this by establishing a continuous and growing funding stream, providing enhanced educational experiences, and engaging advocates for the park. 


Grand Canyon is a national treasure, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and an international symbol of nature's grandeur. As the official philanthropic partner, Grand Canyon Association provides private funding to enable Grand Canyon National Park to raise the margin of excellence for educational programs and preservation, build innovation in Park services, and support the necessities not currently funded by federal dollars. 



We embrace our role as a valued partner of the National Park Service at Grand Canyon National Park, and will provide the best possible service in every interaction with colleagues, partners, customers, members, and donors. 


We conduct ourselves in an honest, respectful and professional manner. 


We are a dynamic learning organization uniquely positioned to engage and educate people about Grand Canyon National Park. 


We share our personal connection and passion for Grand Canyon to foster a sense of wonder and stewardship in others.


We value being goal-oriented in our crucial mission, celebrating organizational accomplishments and personal milestones.  


We cultivate a sense of adventure, spontaneity, and creativity. 


We are responsible for our actions, seek solutions that achieve results, and ensure the funds we raise are well managed and support the priorities of the park.

Susan Schroeder with Chris Lehnertz hug at Celebration of Art
Four volunteers help plant in the demonstration garden at the South Rim
Ranger sits down on the rim of Grand Canyon with three children reading a book.
Hikers stand behind the Bright Angel Trailhead

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