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The History of Grand Canyon Conservancy

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Grand Canyon Conservancy Founder, Eddie McKee.

Photo courtesy Grand Canyon NPS, 1934.

Grand Canyon Conservancy was founded in 1932 as the Grand Canyon Natural History Association by naturalist Edwin “Eddie” McKee. A ranger working on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, McKee saw the need for a park partner that would support interpretive programs and publications about the canyon, and from its beginnings the natural history association did just that, funding interpretive talks, research, and scientific papers.

In October 1994, Grand Canyon Natural History Association changed its name to Grand Canyon Association, emphasizing an expanding list of services outside the realm of “natural history.”

Today, Grand Canyon Conservancy still serves its founding mission—and much more. Membership, book publishing, educational programming, a field institute, and philanthropy programs were added over the years. Each year, Grand Canyon Conservancy provides millions of dollars and countless service hours to support the priorities of Grand Canyon National Park.

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