Photography  by Jack Pennington

Hiking Guide Training Seminar - 2015

Photography  by Jack Pennington


De-wrinkling the Fabric: Northern Arizona's structural geology with Brian Gootee, Research Geologist, State of Arizona - view

Hand Out - view

In a Mesozoic Muddle? Let geologist and author, Christa Sadler explain the geology that immediately surrounds the Park

Zoning Out at the Canyon: The history of biological research, essentials of ecology as applied by C. Hart Merriam, and more with Stewart Aitchison, ecologist and author


Curiouser, and Curiouser: The tale of Agave phillipsiana with Wendy Hodgson, Desert Botanical Gardens - view


At the Top of their Game: The puma, an apex predator's relationship with bighorn sheep at Grand Canyon with Brandon Holton, wildlife biologist and researcher - view

The Grandest Ride: History of mules at Grand Canyon with photographer and historian Tom Brownold


Pioneer Trails 'to' Grand Canyon with Dick Brown, Grand Canyon Historical Society, author and engineer - view


Logging, Trail Building, River Running and More: African-American history in the Grand Canyon area with Margaret Hangan, Forest Archaeologist, Kaibab National Forest - view


2016 NPS Centennial Planning Update with Kirby Lynn Shedlowski


Mary Colter: An incomprehensible woman with Marjorie ‘Slim’ Woodruff - view


Grand Canyon after Dark: The stars and their stories with Bryan Bates, Coconino Community College - view


Bathed by Starlight: Night skies over Grand Canyon National Park with Laura Williams - view
Handout - view

Songs on the Wind: The wondrous variety of migrant songbirds at Grand Canyon by Bryan Brown, Ph.D.

Interesting Insects: Grand Canyon's fascinating entomology with Dr. Larry Stevens - view

Smitten by Stone: Why geologists saw paradise in the Grand Canyon where explorers saw only doom and gloom by Wayne Ranney - view

The Grand Canyon as Muse: Music, musicians, and the aesthetic power of this place with Claire West, President, Grand Canyon Music Festival, Independent Consultant in the arts, and avid Canyon backpacker

Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Management Plan - view

Glen Canyon Dam: Construction 1963 and reconstruction 1983 with geologist, photographer, and author, Gary Ladd

Just How Deep is the River Anyway? A remarkable bathymetric journey down the Colorado River with Matt Kaplinski, NAU - view

PSAR at the Canyon: So much more than four letters with Emily Pearce and Joelle Baird, and Dr. Tom Myers

Following the Flame: Fire ecology in forests of the Grand Canyon and Southwest by Peter Z. Fulé Ph.D. School of Forestry, NAU - view

Getting the Point: Chip stone tool technology through the millennia with archaeologist Blayne Brown - view

Interpreting Native American Sites and History: Techniques, stories, and tips to interpreting a culture not your own with NPS Interpretive Ranger, Addie Partrick and Hopi Consultant, Lyle Balenquah - view

Standing in the Blue-Green Light: Protection of Hopi Cultural Landscapes in Grand Canyon. Focused discussion on the Hopi perspective of the confluence issue with Lyle Balenquah, Hopi Consultant, educator, and former NPS Archaeologist - view

Specific updates for the 2015 season: Law Enforcement, Concessions, Backcountry Information Office, and more will bring you all the
updates you will need to be ready for the 2016 season


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