Photography  by Jack Pennington

Hiking Guide Training Seminar - 2016

Photography  by Jack Pennington


“Hey! Who Stole My Rocks? Where in the GC are the Mesozoic and Cenozoic strata?” with Melissa Giovanni - view
Animated Palaeography - view

“Fills and Spills, and Flows, Oh My! Recent research, controversies, and origin stories of the lower Colorado River from Grand Wash Cliffs to the Gulf of California” with Brian Gootee - view

“Big Rivers and Small Dinosaurs: The Chinle Formation and why there were dinosaurs at Grand Canyon” with Christa Sadler - View

“Running from Rain Drops: Understanding the Monsoon” with Carl Bowman - View

“August 2015’s Hwy 89 Debris Flow: Getting down to the nitty-gritty” with Brian Gootee

Science & Resource Management: Notes from the field panel session
Vegetation - Link
Wildlife - Link
Dark skies - Link
Cultural Resources - View
Fisheries Update - Link

“A New Look at Old Stuff: Fresh ways to interpret GC Village history” with Kristen Luetkemeier - view

“Can’t see the Canyon for the Trees: Kaibab NF’s early protection of an iconic landscape” with Margaret Hangan

“What’s Happening Behind Your Back? Engage visitors and encourage learning by leveraging the social aspects of a nature walk, hike or trip” with Kate Jurow - View

“Interpreting Deep Time: Tips and tricks to help convey the enormity of geological time” with GRCA Interpretive Rangers Mike Gallant and Ron Brown
Timeline Cards - View
Timeline Large - View
Timeline Small - View

Deep Time: A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic Link

Saturday, February 13

“Return of the California Condor - Twenty years on: Successes, failures, and future challenges” with Chris Parish, Condor Field Project Supervisor, The Peregrine Fund - view

“The Usual Suspects: Ten common summer resident birds in Grand Canyon” with Bryan Brown, Ph.D. - view

“We Were Just Dye-ing to Find Out: Investigating groundwater routes, springs, and karst” with Ed Schenk M.S., Ben Tobin Ph.D., and Cynthia Valle M.S., GRCA Physical Science Program - view

“The Hopi and the Canyon: An enduring connection” with Hopi tribal member, archaeologist, and anthropologist, Lyle Balenquah. Lyle will detail the strong ties between the Hopi and the Canyon: trade-routes, journeys for salt, coal-fired ceramics, and more.

“Inspiring People to Protect and Enhance the Park for present and future generations: How guides and their clients can be a part of our culture of philanthropy – and get in on the fun!”  with Ann Scheflen, Chief Philanthropy Officer at GCC, Beth Hickey, Senior Manager of Philanthropy, and Phil Payne, Manager of Donor Engagement. - view

“Tribal Connections: Capturing the story” with an introduction from Jan Balsom & Lulu Santamaria, contributors to Grand Canyon Conservancy’s forthcoming book, Richard Begay, Lyle Balenquah, and Stephen Hirst will read and discuss their chapters.

“The Plants, They are a-Changin': Implications of a changing climate on Colorado Plateau flora and the charismatic soil organisms” with Michael Remke, Ph.D. Student, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University. - view

“An Artist’s View - Grand Canyon’s Inviting (yet Oft-Overlooked) Architecture” with Alan Petersen M.A., artist, and author - view

“Grand Canyon Split Twig Figurine Complex and the role of fossil remains at archaeological sites” with Robyn L. Henderek, Grand Canyon National Park Paleontology Guest Scientist - view

2016 National Park Service Centennial: Updates, special events, and more


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