Photography  by Jack Pennington

Hiking Guide Training Seminar - 2018

Photography  by Jack Pennington


2018 Backcountry Recipe Competition

Winner - Annie Moore from Wildland Trekking Company - view
Runners-up - view

Photos from the 2018 Event

GCC's Flickr Site - view

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye – the Latest from GCNP’s Geology Researchers,” with Brian Gootee, MS

"Ground Sloths and Bison and Mammoths… Oh My!" with Jessica Metcalfe, Ph.D., University of BC
video - view

Science & Resource Management Projects: Bringing the Latest Science to YOU.

                                                Session Overview with Ellen Brennan, MS
                                                Bison to Bats with Greg Holm, MS
                                                Wilderness Management & Updates on the Backcountry Management Plan 
                                                with Mike Kearsley, MS
                                                More Fun Info about Fish 
with Rebecca Koller
                                                Cultural Resource Updates and GIS 
with Ellen Brennan, MS
                                                Dye-tracing Hydrologic Pathways with Natalie Jones

“Unknown Celebrities at the South Rim Cemetery,” with Kern Nuttall - view

“Water and Travertine at Grand Canyon: Chemical Tracing Research,” with Laura Crossey, Ph.D., UNM

“Practical Journaling in the Backcountry: Quick Tips to Deepen Connections,” with Thea Gavin, MFA - view

"Fossil Vertebrate Trackways of the Supai Group and Coconino Sandstone," with Steve Rowland, Professor of Geology, UNLV


“Climate Change Interpretation: Filling the Guide’s Toolbox,” with Melissa Giovanni, Ph.D., College of Southern Nevada - view

“Trail of Time Updates: Recent Advances in Grand Canyon Geochronology,” with Karl Karlstrom, Ph.D., UNM

“Just How Deep is the River – Part 2: New Survey Data from National Canyon to Diamond Creek,”with NAU’s Matt Kaplinski, MS, & Dan Buscombe, Ph.D. - view

"Grand Canyon Landscape Conservation: Under Threat from all Points of the Compass,” with Kevin Fedarko, M.Phil.

“Grand Canyon Railway: Rails to the Rim,” with Al Richmond, Arizona State Railroad Museum Foundation

"Grand Canyon Rock Image Sites: A Fresh Look,” with Jason Nez

“Grand Canyon’s Other Mother Road: The History of the Hermit Trail,” with Mike Anderson, Ph.D., ASU - view

“There Will Be A Test: Symposium Review Session, Jeopardy-style,” led by Jenna Flitcroft, GCCFI - view


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