Group Outdoor Camps

Watch the Sun Set Over the Canyon

Dig a little deeper and stay at the Canyon for a night, a few days, or even a full week! Group Overnight Camps allow students to unearth and explore the Canyon. Every day is different and you never know what amazing encounters are just around the bend.

Designed for school groups, but open to all, the Canyon Field School Overnight Camps are curriculum based and developed using Arizona State Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

All group camps are priced based on a max of 18 youth campers and 5 chaperones. Larger groups should contact CFS to discuss their options. Additional chaperones may be permitted to participate, space dependent, for an additional fee. There will never be more than 9 chaperones (including teachers/group leaders) per 18 youth permitted to attend a program.


All Canyon Field School Group Overnight Camps include:

                      All inclusions are subject to availability, weather conditions, group dynamics, and CFS staff discretion. 

  • Participant and chaperone entry into the National Park
  • Camp site reservations and accommodations
  • Meals and snacks for the duration of the program
  • Program planning and materials
  • Program staffing and facilitation

  • Reusable water bottle for each student/camper
  • Special access to NPS private and behind-the-scenes areas
  • At least 1 longer guided hike (subject to weather conditions, group dynamics, and CFS staff discretion)
  • Program journals

Types of Group Overnight Camps


Length: 1 night

Cost: $1500 (per 18 students)

Start Time: 1:00pm (day 1)

End time: 12:00pm (day 2)

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Mini Camps

Length: 3 days

Cost: $3000 (per 18 students)

Start Time: 1:00pm (day 1)

End time: 12:00pm (day 3)

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Discovery Camps

Length: 5 days

Cost: $4500 (per 18 students)

Start Time: 1:00pm (day 1)

End time: 12:00pm (day 5)

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Camp Topics

 Nature Detectives

Appropriate for grades: 5th-9th


Campers will use inquiry and investigation to discover Grand Canyon’s wild spaces. From a predator “whodunnit” to a Canyon reverse-engineering activity, this program allows campers to put on their thinking caps and uncover the mysteries of the Canyon. 

Subjects covered: scientific investigation, inquiry, animal adaptations, field science, ecology, geology


Conservation Heroes

Appropriate for grades: 7th-10th


This camp probes into conservation issues related to the Canyon, what causes them, and ways campers can help protect and conserve both Grand Canyon and their own backyard. Through in-depth explorations of endangered species at the Canyon to water conservation concerns, campers will learn that their actions can make a difference!


Subjects covered: Conservation issues, natural resources, endangered species, environmental choices, conservation science

Scientific Investigations


Appropriate for grades: 9th and up

This camp takes an in-depth look at how research and discovery happens here at Grand Canyon. Students explore their own hypotheses and learn the various steps of scientific inquiry while becoming immersed in the Canyon and all it has to offer.


Subjects covered: scientific inquiry, science in the field, famous field scientists, ecology, geology, anthropology

Careers in the Canyon


Appropriate for grades: 10th and up


The secrets of the Grand Canyon are told by the people who live and work here. In this program students will discover the many types of careers the National Park has to offer. From botanists to archivists to emergency personnel, there are lots of people working hard to protect and preserve Grand Canyon.


Subjects covered: Ecology, Geology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, Interpretation, Education, Search & Rescue, Park History

 Junior Ranger Camp


Appropriate for grades: 4th-7th


Hike the trails, uncover fossils, and become a badge-carrying member of the protectors of National Parks in this comprehensive camp. Campers will earn up to 6 different Junior Ranger Badges, experience the cultural and natural history of the park, and fulfill all of the requirements to become a Scout Ranger. Each camp includes a volunteer service project. The camp will culminate in a solemn Ranger swearing in ceremony conducted by real park rangers. 

Subjects covered: ecology, geology, anthropology, night skies

Canyon Field School Programs can be booked throughout the year!

                                                     Canyon Field School programs are subject to availability, weather, and conditions. 

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