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Scout groups should feel free to book any program offered by Canyon Field School. CFS is also able to create custom camps that work towards specific badges.

CFS can create group-specific programs focusing on Boy Scout Merit Badges such as: Plant Science, Nature, Weather, Geology, Astronomy, Archaeology, Forestry, Indian Lore, Camping, Exploration, Emergency Preparedness, Exploration, First Aid, and Photography.

CFS can create group-specific programs focusing on Girl Scout Awards and Badges such as: Bugs, Eco Friend, Hiker, Animal Habitats, Camper, Eco Camper, Flowers, Animal Helpers, Eco Trekker, Night Owl, Primitive Camper, Trees, Eco Explorer, Outdoor Art Expert, Sky, Voice for Animals, Eco Advocate, and Water

All Scout School programs include:

                      All inclusions are subject to availability, weather conditions, group dynamics, and CFS staff discretion. 

  • Participant and chaperone entry into National Park
  • Camp site reservations and accommodations
  • Meals and snacks for the duration of the program
  • Program planning and materials
  • Program staffing and facilitation

  • Reusable water bottle for each student/camper
  • Special access to NPS private and behind-the-scenes areas
  • At least 1 longer guided hike (subject to weather conditions, group dynamics, and CFS staff discretion)
  • Program journals

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Scout School Topics

 Night Owls

Program Type: Snooze (overnight camp) 


Appropriate for ages: 10-14

Developed to fulfill the requirements of the Cadette Night Owls badge, this camp explores the park when the sun sets and the stars come out. Scouts will learn about nocturnal animals and the night sky in this journey into the night.


Subjects covered: Ecology, Conservation, Astronomy; Careers; nocturnal adaptations, night skies conservation, constellations, ecosystems



Program Cost: $1500 (max 18 scouts)


Eco Explorers

Program Type: Discovery Camp (5 days)


Appropriate for ages: 12-16

Developed to fulfill the requirements of the Senior Eco Explorers badge, this camp examines what it means to be green. Scouts will explore the vast biodiversity of the Canyon while learning about important conservation issues. The week will culminate in scout presentations.


Subjects covered: Ecology, Conservation; biodiversity, ecosystems, pollution, habitat loss, invasive species, population ecology, famous field scientists, scientific investigation



Program Cost: $4500 (max 18 scouts)

 Junior Ranger Camp

Program Type: Mini or Discovery Camp (3-5 Days)


Appropriate for all ages

Hike the trails, uncover fossils, and become a badge-carrying member of the protectors of National Parks in this comprehensive camp. Campers will earn up to 6 different Junior Ranger Badges, experience the cultural and natural history of the park, and fulfill all of the requirements to become a Scout Ranger. Each camp includes a volunteer service project. The camp will culminate in a solemn Ranger swearing in ceremony conducted by real park rangers. 


Subjects covered: ecology, geology, anthropology, night skies


Mini Camp (3-Day) Program Cost: $3000 (max 18 scouts)

Discovery Camp (5-Day) Program Cost: $4500 (max 18 scouts)


 Outdoor Art Explorers

Program Type: Snooze, Mini or Discovery Camp (2-5 Days)


Appropriate for ages: 9-11

Developed to fulfill the requirements of the Junior Outdoor Art Explorer Badge, this camp uses the majestic background of the Canyon to discover art in the natural world. Scouts will delve into nature to create using different art mediums, some of which have been perfected over thousands of years by Native Americans. From crafting with natural materials to perfecting nature photography, scouts will immerse themselves in the art of Grand Canyon.


Subjects covered: ecology, geology, native history, nature photography, natural design


Canyon Snooze Program Cost: $1500 (max 18 scouts)

Mini Camp (3-Day) Program Cost: $3000 (max 18 scouts)

Discovery Camp (5-Day) Program Cost: $4500 (max 18 scouts)

Canyon Field School Programs can be booked throughout the year!

                                                     Canyon Field School programs are subject to availability, weather, and conditions. 

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