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Canyon Field School offers opportunities to learn and grow for university students. Classes can be catered to specific coursework and internships can be a stepping stone towards a career in environmental education. 

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 Park After Dark


Program Length: 3-5 Days


At Grand Canyon you can stand at the edge of our geologic history and look up to see deep into our universe's past. In this immersive camp, students will become amateur astronomers and geologists at a Dark Night Sky park and a natural world wonder preserved for its unique geology. Through exploration, students learn how astronomy affects us everyday and how stars formed the canyon’s matter. 

Subjects covered: night conservation, astronomy, constellations, light, night adaptations



Careers in the Canyon


Program Length: 3-5 Days


The secrets of the Grand Canyon are told by the people who live and work here. In this program students will discover the many types of careers the National Park has to offer. From botanists to archivists to emergency personnel, there are lots of people working hard to protect and preserve Grand Canyon.


Subjects covered: Ecology, Geology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, Interpretation, Education, Search & Rescue, Park History

Naturalist Intern Program


Grand Canyon Conservancy has established an internship program to familiarize and train college students and/or recent graduates in the field of outdoor education 



Benefits include: a bi-weekly stipend and housing

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