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Canyon Field School @Home brings geology, ecology, human history, and dark skies curriculum to parents, educators, clubs, and children through online videos and downloadable activity booklets. These fun and focused learning tools double as a universal window through which STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) fields of study are connected to the natural world.


What to expect

In this module, students will learn about geology at Grand Canyon National Park.

Broken up into five segments, the curriculum will teach students:

  • How to identify different types of rocks in their community
  • How to use everyday materials to explore rock layers through relative time periods
  • How to create a timeline for geologic timescales
  • How fossils are created
  • How weathering and erosion impact Grand Canyon's geology

Each segment has its own learning outcome and varies from hands-on application to exploring relative items found in your backyard, neighborhood, or local community.

To access this module, click the button below and fill out your contact information. A link to the downloadable PDF will be provided after you click submit. Please note, all segments are combined into one single document for easy downloading.

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GIF of the illustration covers of each geology lesson.

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