Grand Canyon National Park Centennial Perspectives

A Lecture Series

About the Event

Northern Arizona University's Cline Library and Grand Canyon Conservancy received a grant from Arizona Humanities for a special Centennial lecture series, bringing Grand Canyon enthusiasts to campus to share their stories. 

The Grand Canyon National Park Centennial Perspectives: A Lecture series, kicked off Friday, April 26 with Annette McGivney.

This is a free event that is open to the public. Seating is first-come-first-serve.

All events begin at 7 p.m. in the Cline Library Assembly Hall.

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Brad Dimmock
Brad Dimmock
Brad Dimmock
Blue Dragon


Discover the story Pure Land and the author's journey of discovery and exploration of three lives and three cultures connected to Grand Canyon. 

Listen to the fascinating tale of Buzz Holmstrom, river runner extraordinaire, and Brad's quest to follow his path by building the Julius and running it down the Colorado River. 

The Making of the Blue Dragon.  Spend an evening hearing the origin story of the Geologic Map of Grand Canyon National Park, the largest selling geologic map of all time.  Hear about the timing, the people, essential convergences, the Museum of Northern Arizona/Grand Canyon Natural History Association/National Park Service alliance, William Breed, and where it led. 

Awe and majesty come to mind when picturing the beauty of Grand Canyon.  Spend an evening with a 33-year National Park Service veteran and renowned artist Bruce Aiken.  Listen to his stories of living and painting in Grand Canyon.  

The Hualapai people have lived in and around the Colorado River and Grand Canyon region for countless generations.  The speakers will provide a glimpse of Hualapai history and culture; ethnobotanical resources; research on springs; and an overview of the Hualapai cultural landscape in the canyon. 

Craig Childs will talk about routes, how one moves through what looks like an impossible terrain of cliffs and shadows, and what you discover about Grand Canyon in the process.  In a place where people fall off the edges taking selfies, he will tell stories about finding ways. 

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