Joshua Been

Joshua Been has been drawing since he could manage a pencil. Originally captivated by animation and cartooning, Been was also active in theater, performing arts, and earth sciences, an interdisciplinary foundation that is evident in his work. He worked for several years as a character animator and visual development artist for Cartoon Network, Disney, and other studios. Been has a B.A. in Fine Art from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and took figure painting classes at the California Art Institute.

Headshot of Joshua Been

Breakfast in the Basement


Oil on Linen, 30"x60"

Yaki Point Shadows 


Oil, 6"x12"

Distant Rain


Oil, 6"x12"

Shadows in the Kaibab


Oil, 6"x12"

Desert View Meanders


Oil, 6"x18"

Fleeting Beauty


Oil, 4"x8"

Dappled Light on Zoroaster Temple


Oil, 8"x8"

Sunset on the Abyss


Oil, 4"x16"

South Rim Vistas


Oil, 40"x40"

Zoroaster Abstract


Oil, 8"x16"

Mojave Point Reconnaissance


Oil, 12"x6" 

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