Born in the Canyon

A Grand Partnership

This year to commemorate the centennial of Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon Conservancy is partnering with Teva to preserve the park and inspire future generations of environmental stewards. 

Teva’s connection to the canyon started in 1984 when a resourceful river guide strapped two Velcro watchbands to a pair of old flip-flops to create a sandal that wouldn’t float away. Since that first invention, Teva continues to celebrate the freedom to explore while staying true to their canyon roots.

In celebration of Grand Canyon’s 100th year as a National Park, Teva has pledged $100K to Grand Canyon Conservancy and has also created a special collection that pays homage to their heritage in this magical place.

Three children stand inside a large white tent.

$100K for 100 Years

With their $100K donation, Teva will support trail restoration along the Bright Angel Trail and fund Field School scholarships for underserved youth.

Bright Angel Trail was one of the first trails at Grand Canyon and originally served as the main passageway to the Colorado River. Wind, water, and time have taken its toll on this historic route. Our vision at Grand Canyon Conservancy is to transform this eroded network of trails into a sustainable system that protects natural habitats and improves hiker safety. With the generous donation from Teva, we are able to work on a section of the trail that has been washed out just below Indian Gardens. 

Teva is honoring their commitment to fostering more adventure in the outdoors by inspiring the next generation of modern explorers. A  portion of their donation will go towards funding scholarships through the newly reinvigorated Canyon Field School. With the Field School, students explore the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, math, culture, and history with Grand Canyon as their classroom. We believe in creating future park stewards and connecting kids with the canyon is the best way to inspire them. 

Recently, Teva Explorer and photographer Abi LaFleur-Shaffer spent a week with Grand Canyon Field School to meet some of the kids who received scholarships. Read about her transformational experience and how the national park sparks wonder and thirst for learning in the next generation. 

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A Grand Canyon Collection

In celebration of the centennial, Teva created a special GC100 collection that pays homage to their Grand Canyon roots. Each style within the collection features a unique strap pattern that takes inspiration from the Grand Canyon’s layered red rocks, meandering rivers, and spectrum of sunset hues.

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Faces of the Canyon

To celebrate Grand Canyon National Park’s 100-year Centennial and Teva's origins, they're taking a look at how Grand Canyon shaped the course of five individuals’ lives.


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Images on this page are courtesy of Teva and Abi LaFleur-Shaffer.  

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