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About the Field Institute

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About the Field Institute

About The Field Institite

A Message from the Field Institute Director

A visit to Grand Canyon National Park has often been described as the “trip of a lifetime.” As with any such journey, the best way to make the most of your experience is to put your trust in the right hands. The Field Institute has shared the wonders of Grand Canyon with over 40,000 park visitors over the past two decades.

Our expert staff of instructors includes professional geologists, biologists, archaeologists, historians, artists and National Park Service resource specialists that have devoted their lives to the understanding of this amazing landscape, its biotic communities, and the people that have called it home over the centuries. We understand the time, effort, and expense required to travel to this iconic landscape, and will do our best to give you and yours an experience befitting one of the “Crown Jewels” of the National Park System. We hope you will join us soon at your Grand Canyon National Park. – Mike Buchheit, Director, Grand Canyon Association Field Institute

Partnership with the National Park Service

For two decades, the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute has been working closely with the National Park Service to provide educational opportunities that complement the park’s interpretive efforts. Each class is reviewed by an interdisciplinary team of NPS educators and resource managers to ensure that it meets the educational goals of the park.

Donna Richardson, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Education, Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Association’s Field Institute has been a valued partner in meeting the educational and recreational goals of Grand Canyon National Park. Their creativity and inspiration provide rewarding experiences that immerse visitors in our park resources. The Field Institute has the full endorsement of the National Park Service.— Donna Richardson, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Education, Grand Canyon National Park


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