Class Categories

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Class Categories

Class Categories

Family Classes

Field Institute- Family Classes

It’s hard to imagine a better destination than Grand Canyon for the adventurous family: big views, amazing rocks, intriguing plants and animals, and a rich Native American story. On fun-filled short walks along and below the rim, our staff will share the many wonders of the world’s most famous chasm.

Check each class for specific age requirements. Adults without children are welcome to participate too!

Beginner Backpacking Classes

Field Institute - Beginner Backpacking Classes

Every journey begins with the first step. Over the years we have introduced thousands of participants to the joys and rigors of backcountry travel.

Classes in this section are designed to introduce participants to the many wonders found in the depths of Grand Canyon. These adventures also teach backcountry skills so both kids and adults can safely enjoy this beautiful but demanding environment.

Natural History Classes

Field Institute - Natural History Classes

The Grand Canyon is much more than a hole in the ground. This World Heritage Site is a marvel with many tales to tell, not only about geology, but also about a rich variety of plants and animals.

Classes in this section unravel this complex story, immersing participants in Grand Canyon’s amazing natural diversity and fascinating geologic history.

Cultural History Classes

Field Institute - Cultural History Classes

Humans have been drawn to Grand Canyon for thousands of years, beginning with native peoples and extending, in more recent times, to pioneers and tourists.

Classes in this section highlight the rich human interaction with this harsh yet fascinating landscape, and the continued deep connections our neighboring tribal communities.

Photography, Art & Yoga Classes


The canyon has inspired generations of artists, poets and photographers.

People have always had a strong desire to capture impressions of this wondrous place in pixels, paint, music or dance. Join us to discover techniques that can help breathe life into your own creative spirit.

Service-Based Classes

Field Institute - Service-Based Classes

As partners of the National Park Service at Grand Canyon National Park, the Field Institute organizes or hosts a variety of service-based classes including archaeological surveys, habitat restoration projects and training seminars for guides.

Get involved and help protect and preserve Grand Canyon National Park.

Skills-based Workshops

Field Institute - Wilderness Skills Workshops

Responding to medical emergencies, protecting the resource, and preparing for variable weather and terrain are all key ingredients to a safe and successful Grand Canyon backcountry experience.

Whether you are a professional guide or simply a frequenter of the outdoors, these workshops are designed to cover best practices and the latest research on wide-ranging topics.

Women-only Classes

Field Institute - Women-only Classes

By popular request a number of our classes are designed for women only. Taught by women for women, each approaches the landscape with a with an eye to inspire a deeper appreciation of Grand Canyon.