Birding on the Edge (GCA Members Only)

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Birding on the Edge (GCA Members Only)

The unique geography, landform, and ecological setting of Grand Canyon has produced an equally unique bird community. The birdlife of the Canyon is much more than a collection of species randomly thrown together, but is a predictable yet ever-changing result of subtle and not-so-subtle ecological patterns. Our class will examine the birds of Grand Canyon in the light of these patterns: habitat relationships, generalist vs. specialist species, summer vs. winter residents, and the timing of migration. We will explore Canyon birds with a series of short but exhilarating hikes, visits to specific bird habitats, and classroom presentations which will allow for group discussion. All classroom time will be organized around short slide shows designed to prepare us for, and then reinforce, what we will see and discuss on our hikes.

Our class will be geared toward birders of all skill levels, and can be enjoyed by individuals with or without a great deal of Canyon experience.

Day 1 Introductions, orientation and Grandview Point
Day 2 South Kaibab Trail and Yaki Point
Day 3 Lipan Point

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 to Thursday, May 18, 2017
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