Fiber Arts & Wool Workshop

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Fiber Arts & Wool Workshop

Grand Canyon continues to attract artists from near and far. In a landscape so vast and varied, it is no surprise that they have used any number of media—from paint to poetry—to try and convey their impressions. Participants in this unique workshop will learn and utilize a method of fabric-making which combines silk and wool fibers to connect with the canyon. The technique, known as nuno-felting, yields a lightweight yet warm material that lends itself well to wearable art. During your time together, your instructor will also share her knowledge of design principles, traditional felt making, and needle-felting.

Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with embellishments and work with Churro wool. The story of the Navajo's Churro sheep, and their rebound from near eradication, is a true success story in the preservation of the indigenous way of life, and will be part of the conversation. A glorious canyon sunrise and stroll along the rim as a group will inform creative choices such as color, shapes, design, and texture—as well as well as heighten understanding of how to draw inspiration from place. Besides a richer appreciation of this iconic landscape, participants will depart with a clear understanding of the nuno-felting techniques, familiarization with the process of dyeing silk (using acid dyes), and pride in creating their own handmade pieces (i.e. scarves, table runner, tech case, purse, felted fabric).

Includes $30 of necessary supplies and materials. While basic instruction will be taught, all skill levels are welcome.

Day 1 Introductions and orientation; first project
Day 2 Sunrise walking tour. Second project and critique. Closing ceremony

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Saturday, Oct 7, 2017 to Sunday, Oct 8, 2017
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