North Rim Writing on the Edge

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North Rim Writing on the Edge

It’s been said that the Grand Canyon defies words. With this workshop we plan to put this theory to the test! Participants will use nature—both around them, in the Grand Canyon’s beautiful environment, and within them, through thoughts, associations, and memories—as a catalyst for creative writing.

The North Rim - our base of operations - is an astonishing place that not only offers the expected “grand” vistas, but also rewards intimate observation. A key aspect of this workshop will include wandering the trails of the North Rim through a series of light hikes with wide-open eyes, ears, and noses.

By combining some very practical techniques of observation with a variety of imaginative writing invitations, participants will have many opportunities to connect with this place and deepen that connection through writing in prose or poetry.

This class is open to participants of all skill levels. Complimentary camping available.

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Friday, Jun 16, 2017 to Sunday, Jun 18, 2017
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