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When you step onto a trail below the rim of Grand Canyon, you are walking in the footsteps of ancient people on a path that reveals the Earth's history. More than 400 miles of trails lead visitors through a geological and ecological marvel, on a journey of connection, escape, and perspective.

Tens of thousands of hikers travel from around the world each year to experience the majesty and wonder of Grand Canyon's varied terrain. But wind, water, and time take their toll on these historic trails.

Your gift to Trails Forever protects natural habitats and improves hiker safety, ensuring that our trails remain world-class forever. 

What's been completed

  • Clear Creek Trail, built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps so visitors at Phantom Ranch could hike scenic side canyons, has been stabilized for improved hiker safety and enjoyment.
  • Grandview Trail, built in the late 1880s to haul raw ore to the canyon rim, was restored, overgrown vegetation was removed, and historic stonework was rebuilt.
  • A permanent endowment fund was established by park donors to ensure that future generations are able to care for these historic and beloved passageways into the canyon.
  • Trail crews recently completed work on the upper portions of Hermit Trail.


What's planned

  • Mules haul equipment and materials to work sites and often our only tools are pickaxes and shovels. Because trail restoration is so challenging, it’s estimated that a single mile of trail restoration work costs $250,000. 
  • A Trails Forever endowment will support a full season of Youth Conservation Corps workers dedicated to trail restoration and will allow the park to plan a comprehensive program for trail restoration.

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Special projects and improvements like this at Grand Canyon National Park are only possible because of the generous support from people like you.

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Current Priorities

Dark Sky Preservation

Grand Canyon has some of the most pristine night skies on the planet. We're working to keep it that way.

Desert View Inter-tribal Heritage Site

Members of American Indian tribes are working with the park to celebrate the tribal heritage of Grand Canyon. 

Trails Forever

More than 400 miles of historic backcountry trails lead into the canyon. We want to ensure they remain welcoming and accessible.