Grandview Trail

Trail summary

South Rim Trails


7,400 feet (2,256 m): Grandview trailhead
4,800 feet (1,463 m): Horseshoe Mesa
3,760 feet (1,146 m): Tonto Trail junction


3 miles (4.8 km): Grandview trailhead to Horseshoe Mesa
4.8 miles (7.7 km): Grandview trailhead to Tonto Trail junction via East Horseshoe Mesa Trail


Wilderness Trail

Washouts and rockslides require some route-finding skill. Hot and dry in summer. Stash water on way in for use on way out. Use instep crampons in winter.

Hopi Indians gathered mineral paints on Horseshoe Mesa long before Pete Berry began working the Last Chance Mine in 1890. Berry built a trail to his copper mine and used burros to pack the ore to the rim. The copper tested high grade, but transportation costs cut into his profits. When tourism increased, Berry built the Grandview Hotel on the rim and began guiding sightseers into the canyon along his trail. All mining ended on the mesa in 1908.

Do not enter the mine shafts. Most are unstable and some contain vertical shafts. Radon levels in the mines register many times above normal levels. Prehistoric and historic artifacts found within the park are protected by law. Leave them for others to enjoy.