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Phantom Ranch, One Hundred Years in the Making


This Special Edition of our Phantom Ranch book features a new chapter by Teri Cleeland recounting 100 years of history at this amazing landmark!

Nestled at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and accessible only by foot, mule, or boat, Phantom Ranch maintains a sense of the past like few places on Earth. This book tells the story of the ranch, touching on its history, architecture, natural environment, and the people who live there. 

Teri Cleeland is a retired archeologist and historian who has been exploring the Grand Canyon region for more than 40 years. She conducted a historic preservation study of Phantom Ranch and the Bright Angel Trail for her master's thesis at Northern Arizona University and nominated the Trans-Canyon Telephone Line in Grand Canyon to the National Register of Historic Places. After a career with the US Forest Service, she resides in Tallahassee Florida. She is grateful to all the "Ranchers" through the years who have shared their love of Phantom Ranch with her.

44 pages, softcover, 5.25" x 8.5"

Author: Scott Thybony

Contributing Author: Teri Cleeland

Culture and History, GCC Publication