Educational Content

Education is a large part of our mission at Grand Canyon Conservancy and is one of our founding principles in serving Grand Canyon National Park. Either through online learning modules for kids, teaching students virtually across the country through the Distance Learning Studio, or providing premier guided tours, educating visitors and students about the wonders of Grand Canyon National Park is part of who we are.

Classes & Tours with the Field Institute

The Field Institute helps visitors experience Grand Canyon like never before. On our classes, guided hiking trips, and educational tours, you’ll learn about the geology and cultural and natural history of this magnificent place from those who know it best—geologists, historians, ecologists, archaeologists, and other experts. 


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Canyon Field School

The Canyon Field School is an exciting environmental education program that brings the wonders of Grand Canyon National Park to youth from across the country. This collaboration between Grand Canyon Conservancy and the National Park Service provides engaging, curriculum-based activities and experiences for middle and high school-aged students. 

Note: all in-park, one-day, and multi-day programs are suspended until further notice. 


Canyon Field School @Home

Canyon Field School @Home brings geology, ecology, human history, and dark skies curriculum to parents, educators, clubs, and children through online videos and downloadable activity booklets. These fun and focused learning tools double as a universal window through which STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) fields of study are connected to the natural world.


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