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Seasonal Work

Summer & Winter Opportunities

Learn about the opportunities and amenities offered when working at the Grand Canyon as a Visitor Experience Specialist.

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Ann Neubaum and Ed Neubaum Visitor Experience Specialists sitting in front of Grand Canyon Visitor Center interview about seasonal work
Seasonal Work

Visitor Experience Specialists

As a Visitor Experience Specialist at GCC, you will provide customer service to visitors at our stores who come from all over the world. Learn more about living and working at the Grand Canyon.

Help visitors have a grand experience!

One of the major responsibilities when working with our guests as a Visitor Experience Specialist is providing them with an opportunity to become a member of GCC, supporting our programs at Grand Canyon National Park. 

Annual memberships start at $35. Selling this opportunity to our visitors has been described as one of the easiest parts of the job, because people tend to be eager to help such a beautiful park when you are able to share some of the amazing programs that we fund at Grand Canyon National Park. Additionally, you will be providing customer service to our worldwide visitors through selling our merchandise, stocking our merchandise, and cleaning our stores.

Shopping at Grand Canyon

Retail Locations

GCC’s retail team has four stores at the South Rim village area, one store in the East area, and one store located at the North Rim of Grand Canyon.

Living at the Grand Canyon

One of the best parts of living at Grand Canyon is the location of your assignment for the season. The outdoor areas in the park are beautiful and there are hiking trails everywhere. The weather is beautiful, with four distinct seasons each year. In winter we receive on average over 100 inches of snow and single-digit temperatures at night. In summer we will have temps in the low 90s with dry and monsoon type conditions.

Employee Amenities and Responsibilities

  • Grand Canyon is pet-friendly, and each person who lives in the canyon can have up to two animals per household. Pets must be on leashes when out and about and are not allowed below the rim when hiking with them. 
  • Spaces are provided for employees with a self-contained RV, with restroom and shower facilities in the unit. The winter season can get cold, so it is recommended that the RV is rated for winter use. Other precautions to take would be having heat tape for water pipes, heated hoses, and winter skirts for your rig. 
  • Our RV parks are not located near any of the visitor RV sites, so your neighbors while staying at Grand Canyon will all be working for the park service, GCC, or one of the park concessionaires. The sites are within a one-to-three-mile radius of the retail locations and only a 10-minute walk to the rim. The RV area backs up onto an open forested area with trails for walking and mountain biking.
  • RV sites are supplied with either a 30 or 50 amp hook up for a nominal cost of $50 per month. That includes your water, sewer, and trash services. 
  • Other utilities such as electricity and propane are the responsibility of the employee. 
  • There is a free bus that runs through the park and many sites are accessible by walking or riding your bike.

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