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Protect Grand Canyon National Park

You can help shape the future of Grand Canyon National Park! Learn more about the important and meaningful projects that GCC supports, and how you can protect and preserve the park for future generations.

Grand Canyon National Park: Mather Point Pano

Why Grand Canyon Conservancy?

When you support Grand Canyon Conservancy, you ensure that millions of guests arrive as visitors and leave as park champions, forever inspired by the natural and cultural wonders they've just experienced.

Donors and Members enable GCC to move quickly to make investments that produce a direct and lasting difference in the park. 

There has never been a more urgent need to support Grand Canyon National Park. Home to many of the world's ecosystems, the park is on the front line of the global challenge of the 21st century – climate change. 

As the official philanthropic partner of Grand Canyon National Park for nearly a century, Grand Canyon Conservancy stands ready to help you make a direct and lasting impact.

Havasupai Renaming Ceremony

Grand Canyon has been home to the Havasupai since time immemorial. They're still here. In May of 2023, a renaming ceremony took place to rename Indian Gardens to Havasupai Gardens (Ha’a Gyoh).

Cultural & Historic Preservation

Your support helps GCC invest in cultural and historic preservation efforts, allowing millions of visitors the opportunity to better understand the park's history, including the cultural importance of the 11 tribes traditionally associated with Grand Canyon.

Star Party - Telescope

Visitor Experiences & Education

You can help ensure that the park continues to inspire and educate, cultivates a love of nature, and nurtures a community of people who want to explore and protect this precious resource. GCC funds projects and programs that enhance the visitor experience, focusing on education, safety, and accessibility. 

South Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon Trails

Trails are the heart of Grand Canyon National Park, and your support keeps them world-class, safe, and well-maintained. 

Baby Bison Grazing on the North Rim

Grand Canyon National Park has been reducing the size of the North Rim bison herd to under 200 in order to protect park resources—including vegetation, water, archaeological sites and traditional cultural places.

Grand Canyon Wildlife

Donor support is crucial in helping GCC to fund programs and projects that ensure safe and healthy wildlife habitats. The park is home to thousands of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and fish, and provides a haven for endangered and threatened species. Healthy wildlife is central to the park's present and future. Wildlife management in Grand Canyon is a dynamic, rapidly-changing effort. 

View of canyon river on Escalante Route photo by John Strother 2017

Habitat Restoration

Your support is essential in helping GCC fund projects to survey and restore habitats, remove non-native vegetation, and keep Grand Canyon's many ecosystems thriving. Home to five ecosystems, seven life zones, and over 2,000 species of flora, Grand Canyon National Park holds the key to understanding the planet. 

Bat Monitoring 2023

Scientific Research

Your support helps ensure Grand Canyon National Park's future. Every day, park staff and scientists must make decisions that profoundly impact critical resources related to water, wildlife, land use, archeology, and more.