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Residency Program at Grand Canyon

Photo by Mark Chen, Artist in Residence 2023

Welcoming artists, scholars, and scientists from around the world to explore and contribute to Grand Canyon’s historic and cultural legacy.

View of the South Rim by Mark Chen

About the Residency Program

Grand Canyon Conservancy’s residency program supports Grand Canyon National Park’s priorities of dark sky preservation and inclusive storytelling by welcoming artists, scholars, and scientists from throughout the world to explore and contribute to Grand Canyon’s historic and cultural legacy. Our artists and astronomers engage the public in meaningful ways, adding to the collective scholarship on the region, and celebrating the rich environmental, spiritual, and cultural impact Grand Canyon has on the world.

2025 Residency Applications are open. We have extended the application deadline through July 25, 2024!

Artist in Residence Application

Astronomer in Residence Application

Alumni Testimonials

Tyler Nordgren headshot

Dr. Tyler Nordgren

Astronomer in Residence, 2021

“Grand Canyon is the perfect place for an Astronomer in Residence: from the overlook out front of where I’m staying I see beautiful darkness both beneath and above me. The speed of light means as I look out into space above the horizon I am gazing back in time to the origin of the universe while beneath the horizon I see back in time halfway to the origin of the Earth. Sharing this view of space and time with visitors is no harder than simply stepping out of the way and letting them see it with their own eyes. You can’t miss it.”

Mark Chen headshot

Mark Chen

Artist in Residence, 2023

“Every morning was jump-started with a stunning view of Grand Canyon. While I made headways into my work in the cozy residence at Verkamp's, the moral support and assistance from the warm folks at Grand Canyon Conservancy and National Park Service were just a call away. The residency drove me to a level of creative productivity that I could not have imagined.”

Julie Anand headshot

Julie Anand

Artist in Residence, 2023

“Living on the edge of the world was one of the greatest privileges of my lifetime. The residency allowed for a deep dive into my art practice and I'll forever remember evening walks amongst the bats along the trail of time.”

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Terry Jenoure

Artist in Residence, 2023

“This was one of the most exhilarating experiences. I came home with unique compositional ideas and immediately went into the recording studio. I can still feel the canyon resonating in my bones!”


Annie Mc Cone Lopez Minute Out In It Thumbnail

Artist in Residence: Annie McCone Lopez

During her residency, California-based artist Annie McCone-Lopez explored the impact of the Colorado River on the lives of people in the Southwest region with a focus on water conservation. She conducted interviews with the public on their relationships to water and hand-painted an eight-foot-long codex using Mayan symbology to represent our sacred and endangered connections to the water. Video: NPS R/Lane

Astronomer in Residence Minute Out in it: Dr. Cameron Hummels

Astronomer in Residence: Dr. Cameron Hummels

CalTech scientist and science communicator Dr. Cameron Hummels engaged guests in numerous programs, including constellation talks with special guest Dr. Katherine De Kleer, astronomy presentations at the North and South Rim, “Ask an Astronomer” pop-ups on the South Rim, and Astronomy on Tap at Phantom Ranch during his six-week residency in 2023. Video by Rader Lane/NPS.


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Clover Morell headshot

Clover Morell

Residency Program Manager, Grand Canyon Conservancy