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Cultural & Historic Preservation

Telling the story of the park in its entirety, understanding history, and developing connections. 

Grand Canyon Celebratory Gathering June 15, 2011

Your support allows for the upkeep and preservation of iconic cultural landmarks and the growth of programs that are also essential to the park's future. Perhaps most importantly, your support allows GCC to rapidly enable experiences, connections, and reconnections between the 11 Grand Canyon tribal communities and park guests from around the world.

Stars Over Desert View Watchtower

Photo Credit: AO Tucker

Desert View Inter-tribal Cultural Heritage Site

Reimagining Desert View and elevating the voices of the 11 Grand Canyon tribal communities.

North Rim Heritage Days

Lifting Indigenous Voices

Updating signage throughout the park to accurately reflect Grand Canyon's history.

Dine Tah' Navajo Dancers

All Active Cultural & Historic Preservation Projects

Learn more about how investing in cultural and historic preservation allows millions of visitors the opportunity to better understand the park's history.