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Scientific Research

Critical work to preserve and protect park resources.

Field data management

The future of Grand Canyon National Park depends on well-informed decisions. Every day, park staff and scientists must make decisions that profoundly impact the future of critical resources related to water, wildlife, land use, archeology, and more. To ensure the park's future, we need to understand the current state of every aspect related to managing the park.

With your help, GCC funds research related to critical conservation and research initiatives, including park mapping, groundwater studies, climate change research, wildlife restoration, habitat restoration, cultural preservation, and more.

Grand canyon wide 2

Mapping a Better Future for Grand Canyon National Park

Improving long-term environmental monitoring to understand how the park is changing and where action is required.

BA Wash Dye Injection Cropped

Understanding Groundwater Vulnerability through Dye Tracing

Learning how to best use, conserve, and protect the canyon's water supply.

Field Institute: North Rim Plants & Animals

All Active Scientific Research Projects

Learn more about the groundbreaking projects being funded by Grand Canyon Conservancy to ensure the future of the park.