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Vol. 30, No. 1

Canyon Views Winter 2023

In this issue of Canyon Views, you will learn about some of the visitor use planning efforts we have underway at Grand Canyon National Park, including efforts to manage visitor expectations, to understand better visitor use patterns, and to consider visitor use issues at one of our more remote locations, Tuweep.

Chad Moriarty

From the CEO

Dear Friends,

Millions of people visit Grand Canyon National Park each year, yet no two experiences are the same. I’ve hiked in the canyon more times than I can count, and every outing was unforgettable, yet distinct.

You may have visited Tim’s Hut, also known as the Tipoff Shelter on the South Kaibab Trail. It was installed on Halloween in 2019 and provides shade, which may seem like a simple thing, but on this trail, where there is no potable water and temperatures can climb rapidly, shade is a huge deal.

On a hike last April, temperatures were surprisingly high. As I approached the Tipoff, I could see a massive crowd. When I arrived, I found over 50 people gathered in and around Tim’s Hut, the youngest carried on her dad’s back.

I’ll admit I was a little overheated and somewhat cranky. I was looking forward to a nice rest in the shade, and here were ALL these people. But I soon observed that they were sharing snacks, hints for the path ahead, and offering a seat to those who had just arrived. There was an air of kindness, and that’s what I’ve seen every time I’ve returned to this special spot.

I never met Tim, but I learned from his parents, Rob and Mary Bricker, who funded this structure in his memory, that he was a gentle soul. His obituary said, “Tim was a loyal and kind-hearted friend who many have described as their ‘first friend’ in whatever situation they found themselves.”

This issue of Canyon Views focuses on the visitor experience. I hope that when you visit Grand Canyon, your travels will take you someplace special. Whether you seek inspiration from the views, the quiet and the solitude of the backcountry, or the thrills of a river trip, I hope you experience kindness, as I’ve found at Tim’s Hut.

Thanks for spending a little time with Canyon Views.

Theresa McMullan
Chief Executive Officer

In This Issue

  • A Message from Ed
  • Loving Parks to Death? Managing Visitor Expectations
  • Corridor Working Group: A Model for Cross-Collaboration
  • Managing Solitude and Beauty
  • Groundbreaking Visitor Survey Sheds Light on Key Challenges
  • The Canyon is Listening: Á-mi-i-evyo, “Yes, I hear you!”
  • News and Updates
  • Assessing Juniper-Woodland Health in Grand Canyon National Park
  • Take a Journey of Discovery with the Field Institute
  • Artist and Astronomer in Residence Updates
  • Member Spotlight: Lynn and Dave Rahn
  • Become a Grand Guardian
  • Shop Grand Canyon Conservancy
Originally Published: 11-07-2022 Last Updated: 12-08-2023