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I Heart Pluto Festival 2024
Astronomer in Residence

Day of Discovery at Lowell Observatory

Join Dr. Adeene Denton for a science talk during Lowell's Observatory's Day of Discovery. This event is a part of I Heart Pluto Festival 2024.

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This event has already passed.

Dr. Denton will discuss how Sputnik Planitia, Pluto’s “heart” can be used as a probe for Pluto’s internal structure, to tell us about how thick it’s icy crust might be, and whether or not it might have a deep subsurface ocean despite its cold.

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Celebrate the Anniversary of Pluto's Discovery

Flagstaff, Arizona, and Lowell Observatory will be hosting the annual I Heart Pluto Festival to celebrate the discovery of Pluto in 1930!

Celebrate this beloved icy body with science talks, the “Night of Discovery” special event at the Orpheum Theater with special guest Diana Gabaldon, and the community “Pluto Pub Crawl” on February 16 to kick off the festival.


Dr. Adeene Denton

Grand Canyon Conservancy welcomes Dr. Adeene Denton as Astronomer in Residence at Grand Canyon National Park from February 8 – 26, 2024. Dr. Denton is a geologist and planetary scientist interested in giant impacts and their influence on the formation and evolution of icy satellites and ocean worlds in our solar system. Adeene is trained as a scientist, historian, and dancer, which informs her scientific and artistic work.