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Sketch Hike with Heather L. Johnson

During her Artist in Residence, Heather L. Johnson conducted two guided sketch hikes along the rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Participants walked from Trailview Overlook to Powell Point on the Rim Trail, practicing careful observation along the way. Heather encouraged them to walk attentively, and select a subject to draw using all of their senses, paying special attention to how the drawing makes them feel. At the end of each sketch hike, Heather led a group discussion to reflect and exchange experiences and ideas. Explore photos from Heather's residency and sketch hikes on Flickr

Sketch of a plant on white pages of a notebook

Four individuals pose next to Heather Johnson showing their sketches.

Enhance your drawing skills or pick up new ones. Learn to notice the magical details surrounding us everywhere. With pencil and paper, there is no limit to what we can see, feel, and express. Sketch hikes are a great way to connect with your surrounding landscape and serve as an awesome souvenir of your adventure. It's something you made just from paying attention. It is entirely unique and entirely yours. It can be done either on your own or with friends and family. Head outside and try a sketch hike today.


Recommended supplies:

  • Small notebook, sketch pad, journal, or drawing paper
  • Pencils, pencil sharpener, and a bag to pack out your pencil shavings
  • Lightweight backpacking stool
  • Water and salty snacks
  • Sun protection, lightweight clothing, and comfortable shoes