Discovery and Exploration

Protecting the past, investing in our future

Grand Canyon is a living laboratory and an outdoor classroom. From rim to river, Grand Canyon offers an unparalleled journey through seven life zones and five ecosystems. Encompassing more than a million acres, it is home to more than 2,000 species of plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, and fish. More than a mile deep, it tells the story of the earth across three eras of geological time.

Your contributions to Grand Canyon Conservancy support education, interpretation, and resource protection. You make Grand Canyon a better place and help us inspire the next generation of park stewards.

What's been completed
  • Studies of Bighorn Sheep and other animal populations that led to advances in wildlife management and species protection.
  • The restoration of habitat along the Colorado River and throughout the park for endangered plants, animals, and birds.
  • Field trips and Rangers in the Classroom environmental education programs that reach 13,500 children each year.
  • A new Greenhouse that doubles our capacity to grow native plants to restore park habitat.
  • Thousands of new Junior Rangers sworn in each year. Children complete a series of activities during their park visit and are then sworn to protect the park forever!
  • Youth and Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps engage young people and Native youth in meaningful, seasonal work on trails, historic structures, restoring native plant species, and interpretation and education.


What's planned
  • Springs and Seeps Hydrology Study. Examining flow and volume at Grand Canyon will help determine the sustainability of the water supply on the Coconino Plateau.
  • The Greater Grand Canyon Landscape Assessment. The most comprehensive study of the Colorado River basin ever performed is helping us prioritize conservation issues and create new research programs at the park.

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Special projects and improvements like this at Grand Canyon National Park are only possible because of the generous support from people like you.

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Current Priorities

Dark Sky Preservation

Grand Canyon has some of the pristine night skies on the planet. We're working to keep it that way. 

Desert View Inter-tribal Heritage Site

Members of American Indian tribes are working with the park to celebrate the tribal heritage of Grand Canyon. 

Trails Forever

More than 400 miles of historic backcountry trails lead into the canyon. We want to ensure that they remain welcoming and accessible.