Bright Angel Trailhead Restoration

Breathing New Life into a World-Class Destination

Bright Angel Trail is one of the most popular trails at Grand Canyon National Park. It is well maintained and has water stations and covered rest houses along its path. But until recently, the trailhead itself was mostly neglected. It was difficult to find, only had temporary restroom facilities, and had no comfortable place for people to sit and enjoy the view or prepare for hikes. 

Grand Canyon Conservancy supporters contributed funds to restore the plaza and add visitor amenities. The trailhead now features:

  • Meeting plaza with new shade structures, benches, and a water filling station
  • Reconstruction of important stone retaining walls along the trailhead and new landscaping with native plants
  • Permanent restrooms with flush toilets
  • A new, paved parking lot that can accommodate 90 cars
  • Wheelchair-accessible routes along the Rim Trail between Hermits Rest shuttle bus stop and the Kolb Studio

Location: The Bright Angel trailhead is located in the South Rim Historic District, just west of Bright Angel Lodge.


Photo description: A scenic view of the canyon on the way to Bright Angel Trail

By the numbers


contributed by 460 supporters


new landscaped plants


new paved parking places


age of trailhead before restoration


new trailhead opened


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