Trails and Hiking

People flock to Grand Canyon to take in its splendor via a hike. The canyon offers hiking adventures for every skill level: from a rim-side stroll to a demanding hike below the rim on wilderness trails. No two trails are alike; each has its own merits, obstacles, challenges, and colorful history.

Just like any other outdoor experience, research, preparation, and selecting a suitable route is essential to make your hike at Grand Canyon a rewarding and unforgettable adventure.

Grand Canyon Conservancy's Official Guide to Hiking Grand Canyon was written with the visitor in mind, and is full of answers to the most often asked questions.

Interested in an educational guided hiking trip or tour of this famous chasm? Grand Canyon Conservancy Field Institute offers everything from single-day hiking classes and tours to multi-day backpacks, treks, and river rafting.

Whet your hiking appetite by visiting the trails pages below. For full details concerning day hiking and backpacking at Grand Canyon National Park, visit the NPS website.