Tonto Trail

Trail summary

South Rim Trails


3,600 feet (1,097 m): Tonto Platform (Red Canyon)
2,800 feet (853 m): Tonto Platform (Garnet)


95 miles (152.9 km): Garnet Canyon to Red Canyon

Hikers seldom follow the entire Tonto Trail, normally using it to connect with rim-to-river routes.

Approximate mileages between key points on the Tonto Trail:
11.6 miles (18.7 km): Garnet Creek to Bass Canyon
35.7 miles (57.5 km): Bass Canyon to Hermit Creek
12 miles (19.3 km): Hermit Creek to Bright Angel Trail (Indian Garden)
4.5 miles (7.2 km): Bright Angel Trail to South Kaibab Trail
21.3 miles (34.3 km): South Kaibab Trail to Grandview Trail (Horseshoe Mesa)
9.9 miles (15.9 km): Grandview Trail to New Hance Trail (Red Canyon)


Wilderness Trail

Washouts and rockslides require some route-finding skill. Hot and dry in summer. Stash water on way in for use on way out. Use instep crampons in winter.