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The Amazing Grand Canyon Activity Book


Grand Canyon National Park is a place of adventure, discovery, and fun. The Amazing Grand Canyon Activity Book packs all of that into its brightly colored pages so you can experience Grand Canyon from anywhere. Filled with crosswords, word finds, codes, dot-to-dots, and more, the activities in this book are both educational and trainloads of fun.

Mazes, Word Finds, Scrambles, Fun Grand Canyon National Park Junior Ranger-inspired Activities

ISBN 978-1-934656-82-2 48 color pages; softcover; 8 1/2 x 11"

Ages 6 - 10

Illustrated by: David Brooks, Jeffrey Ebbeler, Steve Gray, Peter Grosshauser, David Jenney, Larry Jones, Joe Marciniak, Chris Sabatini and Ken Spengler

Activity Creation and Compilation: Theresa Howell

For Kids, GCA Publication, GCC Publication