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In Old Sky: Poems Inspired by the Grand Canyon


In Old Sky is a captivating poetry collection born out of Lauren Camp's residency as the fourth Astronomer in Residence at Grand Canyon National Park, promising readers an extraordinary journey through the depths of Grand Canyon and its iconic dark skies. In Old Sky marks a historic milestone as the first poetry book published by Grand Canyon Conservancy. Currently serving as the Poet Laureate of New Mexico, Camp spent an immersive month exploring the pristine natural darkness of Grand Canyon, delving into the night phenomena, and reflecting on the vast power emanating from the canyon. The collection includes vivid color photos capturing breathtaking landscapes from within the canyon to the cosmic wonders beyond. One of the highlights is an epic poem crafted from hundreds of responses by visitors during Camp's residency, creating a unique narrative of collective experience. 

The book features an insightful foreword by Grand Canyon National Park’s Dark Sky Ranger, Rader Lane, who expresses admiration for Camp's intuitive understanding of darkness as an entity to be explored and lived in. Camp, an accomplished author of seven other books, brings her poetic prowess to illuminate the natural wonders of Grand Canyon. The book is a testament to the intersection of art and nature, inviting readers to embark on a literary and visual odyssey through the heart of one of the world's most awe-inspiring landscapes. 


59 pages


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