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Hiking Grand Canyon's Geology


Unlock the mysteries of the landscape, step by step

Includes something for everyone: 

  • gentle, half-day rim walks
  • The most popular rim to river trails
  • Rugged and remote multi-day backpack trips

Etched on the Grand Canyon's steep walls are stories of how this majestic landscape came to be: stories of volcanic islands, stark deserts, tranquil seas come and gone, and ancient plants and animals that made this place their home. You'll "read" the rock up close on the trail with the help of Hiking Grand Canyon's Geology

  • 18 excursions, each illustrating a particular theme in the Canyon's geologic evolution
  • Details on permits, lodging/camping, mule rides, recommended day trips, and more
  • GPS coordinates included as navigation aids to points of interest
  • Information on key geologic concepts for the non-geologist

By: Geologists Lon Abbott and Terri Cook 

softcover, 301 pages 

ISBN: 978-0-89886-895-1

measures 6" x 9" 

Geology and Natural History, Hiking and Trail Guides