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The Man Who Walked Through Time


The Story of the first trip afoot through the Grand Canyon by the author of The Complete Walker.

In 1963 Colin Fletcher became the first man to walk the length of Grand Canyon, below the Rim. It began with a dream, when he and a friend detoured from a cross-country trip to take a hurried look at the great natural wonder. Standing on the rim, surronded by the profound and almost mystical silence, Flecther knew that something had happened to the way he looked at things. He also knew, that the Canyon, with its depths and distances, cliffs, buttes, and hanging terraces beckoned to him, calling him on a journey that would change both his body and his mind. The Man Who Walked Through Time is the story of that remarkable journey - two months of struggle against heat and cold, lack of water, dwindling supplies nearly impassable terrain. It is a journey that, despite its hardships and physical challenges, became something much more than a lone explorer's expedition. It became a pilgrimage, a stunning spiritual odyssey during which one man began to understand mankind's singular place in the vastness of nature. 

softcover, 247 pages 

ISBN: 978-0-679-72306-06

measures 5" x 8" 

Culture and History