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Photographing Grand Canyon: Where, When and How to Capture the Best Photos

Description With just a few precious hours at the canyon or if you are there for a day or two or more, where should you go to take the best pictures? What’s the best time to shoot? What techniques can you use to capture the majesty of this awe-inspiring place? Photographing Grand Canyon answers all these questions and more. No matter what time of year you visit, whether you’re caught in a thunderstorm or it’s a cloudless summer day, if your camera is a smartphone, point and shoot, or a professional DSLR, photographer Gary Ladd will help you leave Grand Canyon with photographic memories to last a lifetime.

As a bonus, this book includes 4 oversized ( 8 5/8" x 6") full color postcards that are perfed for pull out.

ISBN 978-1-934656-77-8; 64 pages, softcover, 9" x 6"

Author and Photographer: Gary Ladd
Art and Photography, GCA Publication, GCC Publication