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The Amazing Kolb Brothers of Grand Canyon: Photographers, Adventurers, Pioneers


“The Kolbs dangled from ropes, clung to sheer cliff walls by their fingertips, climbed virtually inaccessible summits, ran seemingly impassable white-water rapids, braved the elements, and ventured into unknown wilderness—all for the sake of a photo. Well, a photo and a thrill. Sometimes it was hard to tell which was more important.” – Roger Naylor, author

Ellsworth and Emery Kolb arrived at Grand Canyon in 1902 to seek their fortune at the remote, breathtaking chasm. Pioneers in the fledgling tourism industry, they set up a tent at the head of the Bright Angel Trail and began photographing tourists as they clip-clopped into the canyon on muleback. For nearly eight decades, these intrepid brothers explored and photographed Grand Canyon from rim to river, rappelling down cliff faces with makeshift ropes and anchors, running the Colorado River's perilous rapids, and exploring every corner of the canyon via foot, boat, and plane. Theirs is an adventure story you must read to believe. 

by Roger Naylor 

ISBN: 978-1-934656-87-7 

160 pages, softcover, 8 ¾” x 8”

Culture and History, GCA Publication, GCC Publication