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Finding Light in the Darkness: Grand Canyon Dark Sky Programs

Inspiring visitors, naturally.

Grand Canyon Star Party - Telescope Lot

When was the last time you felt true, unabashed wonder at being one small part of something so vast as the physical universe? If you've attended one of Grand Canyon's dark sky programs – or even if you've simply done a bit of stargazing at the park – you know what wonder feels like and how powerful it can be for providing new perspectives.

Yet, for most of us, the night sky is increasingly difficult to see. When 80% of people in the United States can no longer find the Milky Way from their homes due to light pollution, Grand Canyon's status as a certified International Dark Sky Park becomes critically important, as do programs – such as the popular Grand Canyon Star Party – that allow people to truly witness the night sky in all its splendor. 

As host to millions of visitors each year, Grand Canyon National Park has a rare opportunity to become a world leader in advancing the values of dark skies and natural darkness. These values encompass much more than the beauty of the stars: they span the economy, environment, human health, science, spirituality, and much more.

Grand Canyon's night sky interpretative programs are already – by far – the highest-attended programs in the park. Consequently, these programs need to be expanded to serve even more visitors. Doing so requires a much-needed investment in interpretative materials, equipment, and resources.

Ed keable grca headshot min

Ed Keable

Superintendent Grand Canyon National Park

“What better place in the world to experience the night sky than Grand Canyon? Support for dark sky programs means that thousands of visitors develop a deep and lasting bond with the park through an experience that can truly provide a life-changing source of awe and inspiration.”

Your generous gift will:

  • Enable the creation and installation of multiple interpretative waysides around the park that educate visitors about the importance and value of the night sky.
  • Support visitor safety efforts for night sky programs by acquiring equipment such as laser pointers and appropriate safety lighting.
  • Facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of essential equipment, including telescopes, cameras, and a light pollution monitoring station, to enrich visitor experiences.
  • Allow for increased frequency of night sky programs, including constellation programs and Twilight Tales.

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