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Grand Canyon Speaks Podcast

A podcast series exploring the lives and perspectives of the people who Call Grand Canyon home.

Grand Canyon Rangers Pose with Cultural Demonstrator and artist Janet Yazzie

Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon Conservancy are proud to present Grand Canyon Speaks! This podcast is centered around the voices of the 11 Grand Canyon tribal communities.

All seven episodes are available for you to experience on your way to the canyon, in your home, and with friends and family. Learn about Gerald Dawavendewa's career as an artist and Hopi culture, Aaron White's life as a musician and what playing the flute means to him, Noreen Simplicio's life and her passion to teach pottery Zuni youth, and many more voices!

The Grand Canyon Speaks Podcast was born from in person and live interviews between park staff and tribal members participating in the park's Cultural Demonstration Program. This summer, over 1,500 park visitors from around the world were able to attend these live conversations and experience these meaningful moments.

Grand Canyon Speaks would not be possible without the direct funding and support from Grand Canyon Conservancy members and donors. We hope you enjoy listening to all seven episodes!