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Havasupai Gardens: Honoring Culture, Protecting Visitors

Renaming a sacred place and reclaiming a cultural connection.

Havasupai gardens

The recently renamed Havasupai Gardens is one of the most pivotal spots in Grand Canyon. An oasis of rest along Bright Angel Trail, the site, formerly called Indian Garden, hosts around 100,000 people each year. For many, this is where enduring love for the canyon is born—in Havasupai Gardens, in the heart of one of the most incredible places in the world.

The name itself is also crucial. Havasupai Gardens is an important cultural site that honors the Havasupai people, the original inhabitants of this land, who are valued partners of the National Park Service and longstanding guardians of Grand Canyon.

Havasupai Gardens is essential in helping the world understand the special relationship between the Havasupai people and Grand Canyon. To ensure that their story, and the story of shared stewardship, is effectively told, new signs and interpretative materials will be installed.

Your Legacy: Honoring the Havasupai

Your generous gift will help to:

  • Fund the development, creation, and installation of signs and interpretative materials that honor the Havasupai Tribe’s stewardship of Grand Canyon.
  • Provide training for Havasupai Tribal members who will staff the site and offer first-voice interpretation.
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Ed Keable

Superintendent Grand Canyon National Park

“This project will teach generations of visitors about the true history of Havasupai Gardens, and the significant contributions of the Havasupai people to this historic place. It is long overdue.”

Havasupai Gardens Ceremony

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Project Partners

The Havasupai Tribe
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Conservancy


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