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Kolb Studio Roof Replacement: A Grand Legacy

Preserving the place that made Grand Canyon a National Park.

Grand Canyon Kolb Studio Renovation

Some buildings define places, often in unexpected ways. In the vast, majestic expanses of Grand Canyon National Park, most anything built by human hands seems rather unremarkable. To most observers, for example, Kolb Studio looks like an old, large log cabin clinging to the South Rim.

Yet, Kolb Studio is central to Grand Canyon's story. Built in 1905 by brothers and photographers Emery and Ellsworth Kolb, their studio was the place from which Grand Canyon became a national treasure. 

The Kolb brothers' photographs generated so much widespread love and awe that Grand Canyon achieved National Park status fourteen years later. Moreover, their studio became one of Grand Canyon's first tourist attractions, and their photos are still used today to tell the park's story.

Sadly, Kolb Studio is in serious need of repair. Though repairs to the building itself were funded a decade ago by Grand Canyon Conservancy, the studio's roof now requires critical safety and structural work.

Your generous gift will:

  • Provide needed roof repairs to prevent damage from both fire and moisture.
  • Provide the installation of certified hand-split, hand-sawn, and fire-treated cedar roofing shingles to ensure that Kolb Studio retains as much of its original character as possible.

Photo by Terri Attridge

Ed keable grca headshot min

Ed Keable

Superintendent Grand Canyon National Park

“Kolb Studio stands as one of the most significant landmarks on the South Rim. It is vital to ensure this remarkable building keeps inspiring future generations of park visitors.”

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Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Conservancy


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