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Conserving Native Fish Species in Grand Canyon

Building hope through conservation.

Humpback Chub

It wasn't long ago that the humpback chub, a tough, beautiful fish uniquely adapted to living in the canyon's whitewater rapids, was classified as endangered. Then, after years of concerted conservation efforts, the humpback chub was reclassified as a threatened species in 2021. This marked a hopeful step forward for one of Grand Canyon's native species.

Yet today, that small spark of hope is in danger of being extinguished. The unprecedented low level of nearby Lake Powell allows non-native fish, such as smallmouth bass and others, to pass through the turbines at Glen Canyon Dam and breed in the Glen Canyon reach. If these high-risk invasive species become established, it will mean serious trouble for the humpback chub and other native fish communities in Grand Canyon National Park.

Immediate intervention is required to ensure that park staff have the necessary equipment and supplies for a rapid response. Your help will be needed in the long term, too. As always, a multi-pronged approach will be required to secure the safety of native fish species. When everything is connected, collaboration is the key to conservation.

Provide immediate help for native fish species

Your generous gift will:

  • Fund the purchase of rapid-response supplies, including specialized boats and electrofishing equipment, to reduce immediate threats from invasive species.
  • Support river missions, staffed by experts, for invasive species removal.
  • Facilitate ongoing data collection and analysis to measure the effectiveness of conservation efforts.

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Ed Keable

Superintendent Grand Canyon National Park

“Native species are essential for keeping Grand Canyon ecosystems balanced and healthy. Yet climate change, low water levels, and invasive species threaten native fish populations. Your help is vital for park conservation efforts.”

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Grand Canyon National Park Native Fish Ecology and Conservation Program
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