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Tipoff Shade Structure

A new shade structure at Tipoff provides relief for hikers.

IMG 9544 southkaibab trail tipoff

If you were in the canyon in October, 2019, you may have seen a rather amazing sight—a helicopter delivering a shade structure into the canyon, at Tipoff, 4.4 miles from the South Kaibab Trailhead. The shade structure now provides shelter for South Kaibab hikers in an area that previously had been one of the most exposed along the trail.

The park previously received a lot of calls from people on the lower half of the South Kaibab Trail who experienced fatigue or were overheated. This shelter benefits people who could use a rest house to recover during their hike, especially during the summer.

The structure is 12 feet by 24 feet with 4-foot overhangs to provide shade around the exterior. It features shade screens to provide air flow, six benches inside, and a lightning protection system to protect the structure and occupants from lightning strikes. There are also two 125-gallon cisterns to provide non-potable water for visitors to use to potentially cool down.