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Trails Forever

The gift of safe access: Grand Canyon Trails.

Hermit Rd First Trail View

Why world-class trails are essential at Grand Canyon National Park

For the millions of people who visit Grand Canyon each year, having access to well-marked, well-maintained trails allows for safe, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For park staff, scientists, and rescue workers, high-quality trails facilitate rapid, efficient trips to backcountry locations throughout the park.

At Grand Canyon, however, trails began degrading almost as soon as they're completed. Rain, wind, storms, snow, hikers, mules – all of it conspires to turn excellent paths into dangerous ones, sometimes quickly. Trail maintenance, then, is one of the park's highest priority activities: it takes place on a daily basis. Because most of Grand Canyon National Park is wilderness, almost all trail restoration work must be done using manual labor, sometimes with the support of mules.

Your help is essential in helping GCC to fund the maintenance and repair of more than 400 miles of trails within Grand Canyon National Park. Because trail restoration is so challenging, it is estimated that a single mile of trail restoration work costs $250,000. You ensure that our trails remain world-class, which helps ensure that park guests leave as park champions.

Trails Forever: Make an immediate, visible difference

Your generous gift will:

  • Allow staff to secure the necessary tools and resources to maintain and repair over 400 miles of Grand Canyon trails.
  • Make a visible and immediate difference in improving one of the park's most useful, high-profile features.
  • Ensure safer experiences for millions of park visitors.
Image our work current priorities trails forever testimonial brown 2016

Laura & Arch Brown

“The Grand Canyon cannot take care of itself. With over six million visitors to the park each year, trails are impacted and the park needs help to maintain them. The Trails Forever endowment fund is a powerful and secure way to support the canyon trails we love in perpetuity.”

Image our work current priorities trails forever testimonial theile 2016

Howard Theile & Family

“Words cannot describe all Grand Canyon has to offer: amazing vistas, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, spectacular hiking and rafting. We contribute to trail preservation and educational programs, which are not always funded by federal dollars. Yet, they are important because they allow everyone to stay connected to Grand Canyon. We will continue to support GCC to afford other families the same opportunity.”