The Job of a Lifetime at Grand Canyon National Park

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or someone who loves our National Parks? Want to work in or for one of the grandest places on Earth? Is a mission-driven career something that drives you? Then a position at Grand Canyon Conservancy may be for you!

Grand Canyon Conservancy is the official philanthropic and collaborative partner of Grand Canyon National Park. Our mission is to inspire generations of park champions to cherish and support the natural and cultural wonder of Grand Canyon. Find out more about us.

As a Grand Canyon Conservancy employee, you will be part of a unique team that works to provide enriching and fulfilling experiences to millions of visitors each year and protects Grand Canyon National Park for future generations. Learn about what we do.


Female staff member helps a male customer wearing a green jacket and Grand Canyon hat
Photo description: Cashier rings up a customer at Kolb Studio.
Male wearing a purple polo stands in front of a cash register wearing a mask
Photo description: Seasonal staff member at the Visitor Center Park Store register.
Male wearing a mask and purple polo rings up a female wearing a backpack at a cash register.
Photo description: Staff at Yavapai Geology Museum
Team of seven people pose for a photo in a large green field at the North Rim
Photo description: Executive Team at the North Rim

Where You Could Work

Our offices and park stores are located at: the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park; the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park; the East Entrance of Grand Canyon National Park; and Flagstaff, Arizona. Remote positions are also available.

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GCC’S Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Grand Canyon Conservancy is dedicated to understanding, preserving, and celebrating the natural and cultural heritage of Grand Canyon. We welcome everyone and foster an equitable and inclusive workplace where all employees can be their authentic selves.

We strive to address, explore, educate, learn about, and respond to the diversity of the human experience. GCC’s commitment to equity and inclusion will ensure that we are and reach those that are as diverse as the ecosystem we serve. 

We welcome everyone and will foster an equitable and inclusive workplace where all employees can be their authentic selves. We envision an organizational culture that values diversity, trust, and transparency. We advance partnerships that are representative of our local population and peers worldwide. We continue conversations around the change that is needed and is necessary to eradicate social injustice, colonization, racism, religious intolerance, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, and other injustices. 

GCC exists to preserve and protect Grand Canyon, and to do well, we must also understand, protect, and uplift each other. Conservation, environmental justice, and social justice are inextricably linked. While achieving systemic equity can be a long-distance run, we are sprinting toward things we can discover and reach quickly: difficult dialogues, training, coaching, stakeholder counsel, and the creation of an actionable equity and inclusion plan. 

Join our dedicated and passionate team!

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