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 Grand Canyon National Park 
(looking north from Kolb Studio)

Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon National Park
(looking west from Kolb Studio)

Grand Canyon Online

With the impacts of COVID-19, we rounded up our favorite ways for you to experience Grand Canyon without leaving home.

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Plan an unforgettable trip to Grand Canyon

Six million people visit Grand Canyon National Park every year. Most of those visitors simply drive to the South Rim, spend a few hours looking over the edge, and then leave.

The canyon has so much more to offer! Whatever your age, level of fitness, budget, or length of stay, Grand Canyon has something waiting for you.


Which part of the park to visit

Grand Canyon National Park consists of a North Rim and a South Rim. Most people (around 90% of park visitors) visit the South Rim because it's closer to the Phoenix metropolitan area. But a little longer drive will get you to the beautiful, less busy North Rim.

Grand Canyon Area Map (PDF) South Rim Area Map (PDF)
North Rim Area Map (PDF)  


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Where to stay and eat

You have many different options for where to stay when visiting Grand Canyon National Park. There are some hotels and lodging inside the park, campgrounds in the park, as well as hotels just outside the South Rim entrance.


Lodging options at Grand Canyon   

Campgrounds in Grand Canyon National Park

Dining and eating options   

What to do

There are almost limitless options for what you can do at Grand Canyon—hike and backpack through the untamed wilderness, go whitewater rafting down the mighty Colorado River, take a mule ride to world-famous Phantom Ranch, or experience the canyon from above on a helicopter tour.

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Experience Grand Canyon up close and personal

The Grand Canyon Conservancy Field Institute offers guided backpacking trips, hiking tours, and classes. You'll not only experience Grand Canyon up close, but also learn about the cultural and natural history of this magnificent place from geologists, historians, and other experts.


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