Tanner Trail

Trail summary

South Rim Trails


7,300 feet (2,225 m): Tanner trailhead
5,600 feet (1,707 m): Escalante Saddle
2,700 feet (823 m): Colorado River


3 miles (4.8 km): Tanner trailhead to Escalante Butte
10 miles (16.1 km): Tanner trailhead to the Colorado River


Wilderness Trail

Seth Tanner, an early Mormon pioneer, improved this prehistoric Indian footpath in the 1880s. His pack trail provided access to mining claims along the river in the Palisades Creek area. At one time the route was part of the Horsethief Trail. Outlaws stole horses in Utah and drove them down the Nankoweap Trail to a low-water ford across the Colorado River. After altering brands, they moved the horses up the Tanner Trail to the South Rim and sold them farther south to unsuspecting ranchers.

Beamer Trail: About 9.5 miles (15.3 km) from Tanner Beach to the mouth of the Little Colorado River (LCR). Generally the route follows near the river as far as Palisade Creek, then climbs via cairned switchbacks to the top of the Tapeats Sandstone and follows this narrow bench to the LCR. No camping is allowed within 0.25 mile of the LCR/Colorado River junction.

Escalante Route: About 15 miles (24 km) from the Tanner Trail to the New Hance Trail. This rugged route presents difficulties not normally encountered along the Tonto Trail. Several sections require exposed hand-and-toe climbing and vertical pack handling. No water except at the river. For experienced Grand Canyon hikers only.