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Scenic Science of the National Parks


The national parks are some of the most beloved, visited, and biodiverse places on Earth. They're also scientific playgrounds where you can learn about plants, animals, and our planet's coolest geological features firsthand. Scenic Science of the National Parks curates and breaks down the compelling and offbeat natural science highlights of each park, from volcanic activity, glaciers, and coral reefs to ancient redwood groves, herds of bison, giant bats, and beyond. Featuring full-color illustrations, information on the history and notable features of each park, and insider tips on how to get the most out of your visit, this delightful book is the perfect addition to any park lover's collection.

Taking a cue from the National Park Service (NPS), this guide has organized the sixty national parks featured in this book by region: Pacific Northwest, California, Intermountain West, Midwest, East, Islands, and Alaska. You’ll find some handy color-coded page edges to help you navigate. Within each region, parks are listed in descending order based on annual visitation at the time of writing.

Written by Emily Hoff and Maygen Keller

352 pages

7.6 x 0.9 x 9 inches